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Get Real: Insight to Finding Your Why

Does it energize you to explore options or are you bothered at your lack of desire to “take a step” outside of your comfort zone when others around you seem to have no problem doing so?
While it is true that we do need to evaluate the life choices we make and weigh our decisions of satisfaction in career, it is important to assess our natural talents and identify our weaknesses by building a lifelong career on the natural abilities and values we hold.

We are going to get down to the core of why you behave and communicate the way you do, what drains or drives your energy.  Learn what is the right environment and the right culture that will compliment your personality style to improve your current working relationships.

Do not sign up for this course unless you want to get real with yourself and create a plan of success in the work place…oh-it just might make your personal life better too! We will explore the following:

  1. Learn their style of communication and how to share that effectively with others
  2. Gain insight to why people respond the way they do and how to meet their perceived needs
  3. Receive comfortable communication confidence techniques

If you are looking for a way to improve your relationships across your organization, understand how and why others behave the way they do and achieve greater success in all your job-related endeavors, this course is one you don’t want to miss.


Get Real: Action! Converting Your Dreams into Commitment

What do you do after you’ve been inspired by a great conference, podcast or self-help book?  Do you find yourself lacking in continued energy to get to the “next level?”   How can you still feel so stuck when there is easy access to all the right tools?

This course will address the science of commitment and help identity the negative loops in our brains preventing us from moving forward with achieving our full potential.  Uncover the clarity of fully buying into the investment priority for our professional and personal plans.  We will explore:

  1. Determine your Emotional Intelligence
  2. Defining Triggers and barriers
  3. Create Solutions for Immediate Success Plans

Bring a notebook and a willingness to share your dreams!  Do not attend if you do not want to get real with your priorities and be accountable for action.
Pre-requisites: Get Real “Finding your Why” course and a general understanding of your DISC/Driving Forces Assessment


5 Ways to Ensure Your Ownership Success

Why did you decide to become an entrepreneur? Did you desire to be a great leader and move your business to the next level, but now feel discouraged because you are “doing it all” and feel like you are going nowhere? Stop focusing on what you don’t have, on what you don’t like, or what you don’t want. Take ownership of your success by recognizing your strengths and weakness and use them to your advantage to grow the business you want! Participants will take away 5 practical tips to immediately apply to their business that will facilitate change.


Corinne’s Previous Presentations

  • American Dental Hygienist Association Annual Session, 2017, 2019
  • INDIGO, 2012-2018
  • Michigan Dental Association Annual Session, 2017-2018
  • Wisconsin and Illinois Dental Society and Study club meetings, 2012-2017
  • Medical College of Wisconsin, 2013
  • Seattle Study Club, 2012